Animal Health, Wellbeing and Quality The Role of IAEC" seminar

A one day brainstorming seminar on "Animal Health, Wellbeing and Quality The Role of IAEC" was organized by the Laboratory Animal Scientist's Association and CPCSEA, Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi on February 25, 2012 at Hyderabad. The following issues were discussed in the seminar and recommendations were made. These recommendations have been sent to the Honorable Minister of Environment and Forests, Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan and to the Chairman, CPCSEA for consideration to improve the functioning of the CPCSEA.


  1. Expiry of term of the CPCSEA National Committee Delay in reconstitution of the new committee.
    • Request on behalf of LASA to the Honourable Minister, Smt. Jayanthi Natarjan and the Chairman, CPCSEA to constitute the new committee at an early date as several issues are pending with the CPCSEA.
  2. Delay in getting approval of animal facilities and renewal of already registered facilities.
    • To constitute inspection teams at regional level to inspect facilities those who have applied for renewal and expedite renewal.
    • Facility renewal inspection and approval should be within two months from the expiry date.
    • IAEC nominees should be requested to report the status of the facility if above inspection could not be performed by the team.
  3. Unprecedented delay in approving large animal experiments.
    • The IAEC to be empowered to approve large animal experiments and in such cases the CPCSEA may nominate one or more members to the IAEC meeting to review and approve these experiments.
  4. Qualifications of personnel working in animal facilities
    • CPCSEA should provide mandatory guidelines on the qualification and certification of personnel working in the animal facilities at different levels such as Animal attendant/care taker, Animal Technician, Supervisor, Scientists/ Researchers and Veterinarians.
  5. IAEC's to encourage use of biostatistics in designing experiments.
    • CPCSEA should insist the Chairmen of IAEC's to use biostatistical methods in designing animal experiments.
  6. Training of nominee's and other members of IAEC's
    • CPCSEA should conduct regular training programs for all IAEC members.
    • CPCSEA should make it mandatory for all nominees to undergo training before they are appointed as nominees and thereafter at least once every year.
    • Mandatory orientation program for new researchers and research scholars in all Institutions that have an IAEC.
    • IAEC's should implement the orientation programs in their respective institutions.
  7. Up gradation of facilities
    • The inspection teams constituted by the CPCSEA to make recommendations on the up gradation of the inspected facilities.
    • IAEC's to be advised to take follow-up action and submit action taken report along with the minutes of the respective IAEC's.
  8. Improving Quality of Animals
    • Periodic health and genetic monitoring (in-house/third party) of animals to be made mandatory. Periodicity to be decided by the veterinarian, based on institutional needs.
    • Breeders and suppliers should provide health and genetic monitoring reports along with the animals.
    • IAEC's to encourage use of quality animals.
    • CPCSEA to set up or fund setting up of Health and Genetic Monitoring Labs region wise on NO PROFIT NO LOSS basis.
  9. Import of animals and quarantine rules. A. Most quarantine facilities at Mumbai, Chennai, and New Delhi have no facilities to quarantine small rodents. The lack of screening (serology for viruses) procedures may lead to the introduction of several viruses that are not prevalent in India and Quarantine time
    • CPCSEA to provide funding and support to establish proper quarantine facilities for laboratory animals at all airports including Hyderabad and Bangalore.
    • Mandatory screening of animals for viruses to be enforced.
    • Quarantine time to be fixed for various species of animals based on the pathogen profile for that particular species and strain.
  10. Scope of CPCSEA National Committee.
    • To prepare new guidelines/improve existing ones, especially on minimum standards to be maintained in an animal facility.
    • To introduce and run training programs all over the country and generate human resources in the area.
    • To review the data collected by the CPCSEA office from all over the country and prepare yearly status report on lab animal science and experimentation in the country.
    • To prepare and provide directory of resources of animal species and strains available in the country.
    • To identify grey areas that needs to be developed.
    • To oversee and review the functioning of the IAEC's and recommend improvements.
  11. CPCSEA Office, equipment and Staff.
    • The CPCSEA, New Delhi Office needs more staff and equipment for faster communication and dissemination of information.

These recommendations have been prepared and approved by the Executive Committee of the Laboratory Animal Scientist's Association, based on the deliberations in the one day brain storming seminar held at Hyderabad.