The Objectives of the Association

a) To provide a platform to scientists working with laboratory animal to exchange and share knowledge on science of animal care and use.

b) To take initiatives to generate awareness of research animal care and use among the animal scientists.

c) To provide update on zoonotic diseases.

d) Generate human resource for animal houses by improving the communication and resources in laboratory animal science by publishing newsletters and or Journal to promote and/or impart latest advances in the field to its members and others.

e) To provide informational and advisory resources to government agencies and other organizations on issues related to laboratory animal management, ethics, zoonoses and health.

f) To encourage professional courses in laboratory animal science and provide guidance for career development.

g) Primarily focus on five aspects: Animal Management, Animal Health, Genetic Monitoring, Animal data generation and Alternatives to Animal Experiments.

h) To promote the issue of 4 'R's (Reduction, Replacement, Refinement and Rehabilitation).

i) To develop and maintain the highest standards of professional competence and conduct and encourage improvement of professional knowledge.

j) To work with other professional organizations on matters of mutual and public concern.

k) To support research in the continuing effort to improve animal care and health.

l) Recognize and encourage outstanding accomplishments by scientists and keep its members informed about current activities and concerns of the society and the profession.

m) To enhance the professional knowledge of its members in the field of laboratory animal science and welfare by holding seminars, lectures, conferences and training programs.