About us

Lasa is a national organization dedicated to advancing laboratory animal science by promoting the ethical care and use of laboratory animals in biomedical and veterinary research.

The association has been started by a group of dedicated and committed scientists and laboratory animal service personnel who are already working in various capacities in the animal houses of various Government and Private Institutions in the country.

We, as lab animal Scientists, are already aware of the importance of laboratory animal science in biomedical research. Those of us having access to good journals, libraries and Internet have kept ourselves abreast of the developments in the filed. But, a majority of personnel working in the various animal facilities in the country would definitely be interested in gaining more knowledge as much as the others, who have it, would like to share. The reactivation of the CPCSEA under the able stewardship of Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, and the subsequent enforcement of CPCSEA rules and regulations had brought laboratory animal welfare and the lab animal personnel to the forefront. The impetus to lab animals during the last 3-4 years and the experience gained by most of us during the inspections and enforcements period has made most of us wise. We need to consolidate on the opportunity provided to us by coming together and sharing our knowledge and experiences.


  • To promote and coordinate the development of laboratory animal science throughout our country.
  • To promote quality definitions and monitoring of laboratory animals in our country.
  • To collect and disseminate information on laboratory animals.
  • To promote nation wide harmonization in the care and use of laboratory animals.
  • To promote the humane use of animals in research through
  • recognition of ethical principles and scientific responsibilities.
  • To promote and encourage researchers to follow '3R' principles of Russell and Burch