Bangalore, India

Nov 28th to Dec 1st, Hotel ITC Gardenia, Bangalore


Asian Federation of Laboratory Animal Science (AFLAS) Associations aims to promote international co-operation through Asian Congress on Laboratory Animal Science for the purpose of reviewing scientific, technical and educational problems in Laboratory Animal Science; to develop other relevant activities in the interest of Laboratory Animal Science; and to contribute to animal welfare. Currently there are 11 member countries in AFLAS Associations and AFLAS Congress are held in the member countries once in every two year. The first Congress was held in Nagasaki, Japan in 2004 and the 7th Congress was held in Singapore in 2016. LASA India is privileged to host the eighth AFLAS Congress-2018 at Bangalore, India. LASA India welcomes you all to this country for the AFLAS Congress-2018.

  • Production of quality animals
  • Accreditation of animal facilities
  • Role of Veterinarians in laboratory animal experimentation
  • Advances in oncology research
  • Importance of Human Resource Development
  • Advances in biomedical imaging
  • Three R's in biomedical and pharmaceutical research
  • Infectious and zoonotic diseases
  • Animal ethics and welfare
  • Laboratory animal medicine
  • International harmonization
  • Advances in transgenic technology
  • Frontiers in Zebrafish science
  • Pathology of laboratory animals
  • Health monitoring of laboratory animals
  • Non-human primates/ large animal research

Laboratory Animal Scientists’ Association (LASA) India (www. is a registered national scientific organization dedicated to advancing laboratory animal science by promoting the ethical care, and use of laboratory animals in biomedical and veterinary research. LASA India organizes national/international conferences regularly and is proud to host AFLAS Congress-2018 and take this opportunity to promote the laboratory animal science in Asian region.
  • Over 1600 CPCSEA registered Animal Facilities
  • 22 AAALAC International accredited Animal Facilities
  • 14 AAALAC International Adhoc Specialists
  • First FELASA accredited course outside the Europe
  • Several certificate and training courses on laboratory animal science conducted across the country
  • Ever growing biomedical and pharmaceutical industry with strong CRO base